Tips For The New Motorcycle

download (13)It’s almost that time of year again!

Yes, riding season is just a short jolt around the corner so it’s time to start pulling those bikes out of the garage.

For those of you who may have acquired a plethora of new riding gear from the holiday season, I bet you would probably like to use it here soon. Good thing is that just a month(ish) away will be some much better weather for all of you readers to be riding in. But first things come first.

You may not have ridden much over the winter, if any. So you might be unsure if it is ready to go for another hard season of summer. Well fear not. We will make sure you start the year off fresh with some helpful tips to get your motorcycles in top shape for some great riding. Let’s see what we need to do.


First off, you should wheel your bike out of the garage and start with a good look over. This includes dusting/washing it off, checking for any signs of mice or other creatures building a home in it (yes this happens), making sure the motorcycle isn’t missing any obvious parts, or has any damage to parts that could cause safety concerns.


Next you will want to check your fluids and fuel to make sure the motorcycle is safe to start. A repair manual is a great tool for checking fluid capacities and type so if you don’t have one, get one.

You should now be ready to start the bike and make sure it runs just like you left it. Let the motorcycle warm up to operating temperature and listen for any odd sounds (Knocking, rattling, popping, etc.) and if you do hear something out of the ordinary then you should shut the bike off and perhaps call your mechanic. Only if you feel like it is running great and in sound mechanical shape we can move on.

Now that you are positive the engine still runs as it should, you can check to make sure everything else is in working order as well. You will need to inspect tires for wear/dry rot, check brakes for wear/brake fluids, check clutch/throttle/brake cable adjustment, look for any leaks, make sure the air filter is clean, inspect spark plugs for correct gap and wear, check chain/belt adjustment and sprockets for wear, test all electronics/lighting for proper function, check battery voltage and charging system, and check everything for loose bolts and parts.


Only after you have done all of this, should you now be ready to take a slow and short test ride to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Ride slowly and take a listen and feel the bike out. You should know your bike better than anyone; so if anything is odd, you or your mechanic can address the problem.

Also if you are unsure about your inspection abilities or just don’t have time, have your mechanic do the inspection and save yourself some trouble. Safety is the number one priority and many motorcycle deaths occur from lack of preparation. Don’t take anything for granted when it comes to motorcycles.

Auto repair shop management systems review

images (4)Running an effective auto shop is the way to make maximum profit each day and to build relationships with customers. That’s why many of today’s auto shop owners have automated their business processes which helps not only to save labor time, hold control of the business effectiveness of the shop but also business automation is a real opportunity to improve customer service and to increase at the same time customer return rate.

After having looked into the work processes of auto shop business the top software products available on the market were determined, here are the 5 best, in no specific order.


# RoWriter
Pros: RoWriter is relatively easy to navigate after figuring everything out, has a rich list of features any repair shop would need.
Cons: The software contains some spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and comparing to some other applications RO Writer could have run faster.
Key features:
-Draft fast, easy estimates, schedule work orders and future maintenance, accept payments
– Inventory management, auto parts ordering
-Time scheduling, employee time-clock management
-vehicle / customer information tracking

# AutoRepairCloud
Pros: AutoRepair Cloud feels very intuitive and easy to handle. Excellent system that is cost efficient and works well. It helps to manage customers, inventory, and keep track of your annual/monthly budget.

Cons: It lacks integration with any of the labor times guide providers, and requires effort at the beginning to set labor times manually.

Key features:
-Easy vehicle/customer management
-Appointment scheduling
-Inspection reports, estimates and invoices
-VIN code scanner/decoder
-Mobile application to shares workflow with the customer
-Payment processing

The Ways To Pay Less For Motorcycle Repair

images (5)Due to the weather being nearly ideal for bikes year round, San Diego Honda motorcycles can be seen on the roads nearly every month of the year. Because of this, Honda motorcycle repairs in San Diego area shops keeps them fairly busy. Even if you’re not riding a Honda and need to get some work done on your bike, you have more than a hundred area motorcycle repair locations from which to choose.

Motorcycle repair in San Diego area facilities includes mechanical services on everything from Hogs to scooters, from Harleys to Vespas. In the old days, before the Japanese invasion featuring the likes of Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki, the big names were mostly English and American. Bikes like Harley Davidson, Indian, Triumph, BSA and Norton were the ones most commonly seen on the highways and byways.

Riders who owned these motorcycles usually knew at least something about motorcycle mechanics and maintenance because these machines so often required work to be done on them. These bikes were chain driven, which meant having to lubricate and adjust them on a regular basis. Many of today’s motorcycles are shaft-driven, requiring some, but much less regular maintenance.

The most obvious way to pay less for motorcycle repairs is to learn to do them yourself. While this might not be appropriate for more complicated work, things like oil changes, making clutch and brake adjustments, oiling and tightening the drive chain and other routine maintenance will not only save you money but give you a more intimate knowledge of your two-wheeled machine.

Looking for various area motorcycle shops can be done by either opening the local phone book or by going to the World Wide Web and typing in ‘motorcycle repair San Diego’. Another viable alternative is to ask your biker buddies where they have their work done. If they say they do it themselves, maybe they can teach you to do the same. Taking care of routine maintenance items will not only save you cash but also make it less likely that your bike will require major work.

Comprehensive Services for Boat Maintenance

Blue Ocean Vessel Maintenance is proud to offer the most comprehensive services for boat maintenance and repair in Townsville area. Our modern boat service centre feature state-of-the-art equipment, a large area devoted to hull repair and maintenance and experienced and certified technicians. Our boat service department in townsville makes it easier for you to get proper boat care at a time that works for you. You’ll also be glad to know that we stock a wide range of original boat parts, products and accessories services. Whatever your needs for servicing your boat in Townsville, we’ve got you covered. As aTownsville boat engine service, we specialize in the tuning, maintenance and repair of engines, and feature all the expertise, technology and parts needed for that and all other boat upkeep and repair needs.

When it comes to maintaining your vessel, our goal is to guarantee the safe, efficient and economical operation of your yacht in our care, as well as to reduce your yearly costs. After a full deep cleaning service the rejuvenated gel coat of your yacht’s fiberglass is sealed and protected to guard against further staining and to protect the fiberglass against ultraviolet light.

In addition to deep cleaning and treating gel coat, the boat cleaning products we use also clean stainless steel, seating and covers, windows and teak decks. We even clean your fenders; why have a beautifully clean yacht with dirty fenders over the side. Once polished with the protective coating, our experience shows that your boat should remain clean and shiny for at least a full season and often longer, particularly if regularly washed down with our own boat wash. In areas of little airborne and/or waterborne pollution it is anticipated the shine will last even longer. The longevity of the protective coat does, of course, depend upon the use to which your boat is put after cleaning.

Our boat cleaning and maintenance services and the products used to clean the hull and deck of a fiberglass boat or yacht are available only through our trained and licensed Service Agents. The Agent is trained to use our specially developed techniques to guarantee optimal results through the yacht detailing process. As a Townsville Gel coat repairs, Our system leaves boat detailing to science rather than elbow grease, safely and harmlessly neutralizing and lifting stains without causing damage to your yacht’s gel coat. Different types of staining require different boat detailing treatments which is why Blue Ocean Vessel Maintenance’s trained Service Agents apply them, ensuring optimum results and returning your boat’s hull and deck to a bright, shiny condition every time.

the most popular of grooming services for your car

Whenever you drive your vehicle to a car care center, you will come across at least one person waiting to get his or her car washed. Majority of the billboards that talk about car grooming services will mention about the availability of comprehensive car washing services. What makes car washing so popular? Why do all automotive detailing providers offer this service to the customers? What makes car washing along with waxing services the most popular grooming services available today? Let us take a look at the key reasons.

Everybody loves to keep their vehicles clean. However, most of the people are so busy with their hectic schedules that they might not find adequate time to wash their cars. As a result of this, the dirt that gets accumulated on the vehicle body will cause formation of stains. Finally when you find time to wash your car, you might not be able to get rid of the stains with ease. This is where professional car washing services will come to your rescue. The experts at the car detailing centers will use the best-in-class cleansing solutions to get rid of all sorts of dirt and road debris. The most intense stains will also be removed without causing any sort of damages to the vehicles when you make use of the car grooming services.

Majority of the people want to keep their vehicles good looking just like how it was when they first laid their hands on it. This is where car waxing service will be of great help. The major reasons that cause the good looks of the vehicles to fade away are road debris, sunlight, rains, bird droppings, and other stains that you could run into during your daily drives. When you apply car wax on the vehicle body, it will act as a car body cover. The cover will make sure that the road debris and other stains do not get directly in touch with the vehicle body. This will hence enhance the life of the car paint too. The car wax will also provider great protection from the sun. However hard you try to keep the vehicle off sunlight, you will have to expose the vehicle body to sunrays quite frequently. While driving to work on a sunny morning or while going on a road trip with friends through the expressways, your vehicle will get exposed to sunlight. Prolonged exposure could cause harm to the car paint. It could also cause threats to the body parts including the interiors. The wax will protect the vehicle effectively during all these scenarios.

Car washing and waxing services are provided at wallet-friendly rates by majority of the grooming providers. This is another reason that makes it popular among the masses. You should wash your car at least once every month and make use of quality waxing services at least once in three months to keep your vehicle like a brand-new one for a real long time!

Let’s learners on the road

The Korean Missionary Society is helping disadvantaged Cambodians to set up their own motorcycle repair shops through its dedicated training center, KOMISO.

Established on the outskirts of western Phnom Penh in March 2009, KOMISO has now trained around 50 people. As well as the technical aspects of repairing a bike, it teaches its trainees the basics of business ethics, planning and management. This gives them the skills, know-how and confidence they need to get their business up and running and to keep it on the road.

“We launched the project to give people who are poor, vulnerable and alienated the chance of a new life,” says Dok Virak, project manager at the center.

The courses are thorough and comprehensive; each one lasts five and a half months. But KOMISO provides help beyond the training. “We also give the trainees accommodation, food, transport, medical care and we lend them some money to get the business going,” says Virak.

Sambath Rithy, one of the teachers at the center, points out that this additional support is vital. “The trainees can’t concentrate so well on their learning if they’re thinking about their poor families,” he says.

Father Kim Ji Hoon, KMS, director of KOMISO, says the training they offer is especially appropriate for low-income people, because “they can acquire motorbike repair skills even if their educational background is limited.”

He adds: “We don’t only teach the skills, we also focus on moral education, because we believe good morals lead to better service.”

May Phirum, an ex-trainee who now has his own shop in Phnom Penh’s Dangko district, fully agrees with this.  “I was very interested in the moral education,” he says, “because it has helped me to behave more courteously. So customers like me and come back often to my shop.”

Trainees are recommended to the center by churches across the country, as well as other NGOs and some local authorities. With few exceptions, they welcome the chance that KOMISO gives them.

“I feel so happy to have a real skill,” says another graduate, Sourn Ratha, whose shop is in the city’s Sensok district. “My family’s living standard has got better and better because I can now earn between 25 and 50 US dollars a day.”

Following the success of its training in motorbike repairs, KOMISO is now branching out to offer more vocational skills such as sewing and hairdressing.

A Closer Look At Polaris ATV

Polaris ATV maintenance is very important part of owning any kind of four wheeler vehicles. There are some basic maintenance checks services that anyone can do in his personal garage to supplement his scheduled maintenance visits. For professional ATV maintenance tips and basic ATV repair tips, he can learn for free from the certified ATV mechanic. Big Boss 6×6, Magnum, Scrambler, Sportsman, Trail Blazer, Trail Boss, Xplorer, Xpress 1998-2006 are the packages of Polaris repair manual and automotive repair manuals. This Polaris ATV repair manual covers Polaris ATVs single-seat, gasoline engine and Polaris variable transmission. It repairs the model of vehicles of 250cc to 800cc including Big Boss 6×6, Scrambler, Sportsman, Magnum, Sportsman 6×6, Trail Boss, Trail Blazer, Xplorer and as well as Xpress. But this Polaris ATV repair manual does not include Xpedition, Predation, diesel and 335 gasoline models.

There are different kinds of Polaris repair manuals. Polaris ATV repair manual –Scrambler, Cyclone,haynes repair manuals,Trail Boss, 300, 400L, Sportsman, Explorer, Trail Blazer, and Magnum 1985-1995 is one of them. This repair manual covers Polaris 1985-1995; and 6-wheel drive models including: Trail Boss 1989-1994; Scrambler 1985-1986, 1995; Cyclone 1987; 300, 400L 4×4 1993-on; Sportsman 6×6 1995; Explorer 1995; Trail Blazer 1990-1995; Magnum 2×4; and Magnum 4×4.

Polaris ATV Repair Manual – 400, Boss, Cyclone, Magnum, Scrambler, Sport, Sportsman, Trail Blazer, Trail Boss, Xplorer, Xpress 1985-1997 is another type of Polaris repair manual. This repair manual covers Sportsman 400, 450 and 500, Worker 500 and Xplorer 500, 1996 through 2008, including: Sportsman 400, 2001-2005; Sportsman 450, 2006-2007; Sportsman 450 Browning Edition, 2006; Sportsman 500, 1996-2008; Sportsman 500 RSE, 2000-2002; Sportsman 500 DUSE, 2001-2002; Sportsman 500 HO, 2001-2006, 2008; Sportsman 500 X2, 2006-2008; Sportsman 500 Touring, 2008; Worker 500, 1997-2001
Xplorer 500,1997. Clymer repair manuals can save you money on maintenance and repair bills.

Polaris ATV Repair Manual – Magnum 425, Big Boss 500 1996-1999 is another one. This repair manual covers Polaris Magnum 425 2X4 1996-1999; Magnum 425 6X6 1996-1997; Magnum 425 4X4 1996-1999; and Big Boss 500 6X6 1998.Published by Clymer. Softcover. 341 pgs.

Polaris ATV Repair Manual – Scrambler 500 4X4 1997-2000 is another one. This repair manual covers Polaris Scrambler 500 4X4 1997 to 2000. Published by Clymer. Softcover.

Polaris Repair Manual: Big Boss 6×6, Magnum, Scrambler, Sportsman, Trail Blazer, Trail Boss, Xplorer, Xpress 1998-2006 is the last one. This repair and service manual covers Polaris ATV gasoline PVT models, 250cc through 500cc, including Big Boss 6×6, Magnum, Scrambler, Sportsman, Sportsman 6×6, Trail Blazer, Trail Boss, Xplorer, Xpress, 2-stroke and 4-stroke, 2-, 4-, and 6-wheel drive, 1998-2006.

How to Find Out Before You Rent a Boat

It’s hard to argue against the fun and memories that can be made from a summer spent on the lake. But the cost and hassle that comes with purchasing and maintaining a boat can sometimes get in the way. Renting a boat has obvious advantages over owning one. For instance, renters can enjoy boating without the large monetary investments required for purchase, monthly docking fees and costly maintenance and repairs.

Here are 5 things to find out before you rent a boat:


  1. Is the rental company insured? Carefully review the rental agreement to find out what you will be financially responsible for should an accident or damage to the boat occur. For example, some boat rental companies place responsibility for damage to the boat and injury to anyone on board in the hands of the renter, while the rental company is liable for normal wear and tear and mechanical issues like a blown motor. Read and understand the rental company’s insurance limits. This may require a review by your attorney or your personal insurance agent. You may find that your own vehicle coverage may extend to car or boat rentals.
  2. What size boat do you need? Depending on the body of water you’ve selected for your boating excursion, you may be limited to a certain size of boat. Conversely, if you’ve selected a larger body of water, you may want to rent a larger boat. It is also wise to consider the number of people who will be traveling on the boat. Select a boat that can accommodate your guests.
  3. What’s included in the rental agreement? Since rental agreements vary from one company to the next, it is important to read through your agreement closely and understand your responsibilities and restrictions. The agreement will outline specifications for cancelling the boat rental should bad weather occur, any limitations on towing tubes or skiers, and which damages are covered by the rental company versus the renter. Another item to consider: what is the amount of the deposit and what is required in order to get the full amount of the deposit back?
  4. What safety features does the boat come with? An emergency situation on the water is not the time to find out about your rental’s safety features. Before renting a boat, take the time to learn if the vehicle comes equipped with items that will come in handy during an emergency. Does the boat have a handheld radio, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, life jackets, and up-to-date lake charts and maps? If not, you will want to organize these items yourself and store them on the boat.
  5. Is boating education available? If you’re new to boating, look into educational resources. For instance, docking the boat can be one of the hardest tasks, especially if the weather becomes less than optimal. Reviewing tip sheets or practicing docking procedures might be helpful for beginners.

How to Preparing Your Rv for Long Term

Owning an RV is extremely fun since it will help you and your family affordably travel around the country. The only problem with owning an RV is that eventually you will need to store it for a long period of time. This is especially true if you are a working individual who can only travel for a couple of weeks during the year. In order to keep you RV in top condition it is important that you take all of the appropriate steps needed for storing an RV for a long period of time.


The first thing that must be done for long term storage of an RV is finding a good storage location. Tempting as it might be an RV should never be left out of doors for several months at a time. This is just asking for trouble in the form of rodents and weather damage. Instead invest in an RV storage facility that will provide at the least a roof and a sturdy door for your RV. There are some RV storage facilities that are similar to traditional storage units with the main difference being their size and overall function.


Once you have found a good storage site for your RV clean the storage space out. There is no need to risk your RV to the vermin that another renter might have left behind. Plus in some cases the RV storage area might have gone a long time without being used. This usually means that the area has been taken over by any wildlife or insects that are interested in having a warm, safe, location to rest in during the winter and cool comfortable place to relax in all summer. Taking the time to clean your RVs storage area will cut down on the problems you will have in the future.


The next thing that you should do is clean your RV. Do not just drive your dirty, dusty, RV into its storage area and leave it. Instead give the outside a good, thorough washing and waxing if you can. Cover the tires in grease that will help them avoid cracking and other damage. Then clean out the inside of the RV. Remove all food whether it is canned or not and vacuum the interior. Check the RV several times for forgotten food since this will attract vermin and insects who will try as long as they can to get into your RV and make it there new home.


Once you are done with the basic inner and outer cleaning of your RV it is time to get dirty. You must always remember to flush out your RV holding tank and give it a good cleaning. Most people hate this task but it must be done. If you do not flush out and clean your RV holding tank then you might notice extremely bad smells the next time you climb into your RV. Clean your RV using dish liquid that is designed to fight grease and grime. This will give you the best cleaning possible and leave your holding tank smelling fresh and clean.


If it is the winter time or winter is fast approaching there are a few more things that you will need to do to make sure your RV stays in tip top shape. The first thing you must do is completely drain your water heater. There is equipment available that will help flush the water out of your system and dry the lines. Once the water has been drained use a bypass system to add antifreeze to the lines to avoid freezing and damage during the winter. These bypass systems come with instructions that are usually easy to follow.


Last, but not least, you must remove the battery from your RV. Many RV owners are tempted to leave their batter in the RV all year long but this can lead to draining, corrosion, and even leakage of dangerous battery acid. Instead of leaving the battery in your RV when you are not using it remove it and bring it into your house. Do not store the battery in a bedroom; instead store it in a garage or outside work room that remains warm or comfortable throughout the year. To keep your battery from losing charge try to charge the batter for a few days or hours each month to keep it fully charged. When you are ready to use your RV again simply reinstall your battery and get ready to drive.

Secrets To Getting The Most Money Out Of Charity Your Car

In the US it’s possible to donate a vehicle (while usually a car, it can be a boat or any other form of transportation) to certain charities, and in return be able to claim a tax deduction on your personal income tax return. For vehicle values of less than $500, the value of the tax deduction comes from the donor’s own estimate of the car’s value, even if the charity receives less money when they actually sell the car. If a charity is evasive, doesn’t welcome your questions and doesn’t provide clear answers about where the proceeds from donations go you might consider making your car donation to another charity.

The charity will give you some forms to fill out. You can give these to the driver when they come to pick up the car. One of the exceptions to the new IRS regulations allows donors to still deduct the fair market value of their vehicle when they fill out their income tax forms provided the charity materially improves the vehicle. Besides offline you can also donate your car online to individual charities or car donation programs. Checking with programs online can give you a chance to compare the individual charity benefits to you and more in-depth information on their programs.

The charitable organization uses the profit from they make from your vehicle to help fund their specific causes. There are a few exceptions in the new tax law regarding the fair market value section. For example, you may base your deduction on the fair market value of the vehicle if the charity sells it to a needy individual at a discounted price or if the charity uses the car as part of its mission instead of selling it. By donating a car it can eliminate unnecessary spending of money on repairs, advertising fees and the problems or liabilities associated with selling it.

Some charities that run the car donation program instead of hiring a middleman are discriminating about which vehicles they accept, repair and materially improve. They sell most of the vehicles at retail. You might have an old vehicle sitting around on your property or on the street that you don’t use very often or ever. You can usually donate a sad-looking car that is running, depending on the charity. If your car is in running condition, consider dropping it off at the charity yourself to save the organization from paying for towing costs.

If you donate your car and you don’t intend to deduct the vehicle donation on your tax return, no further action is necessary after the donation. A large chunk of your car donation money should not be taken out for large administrative fees or investments, so ask the charity first. In some cases charitable car donors can still claim the fair market value for their used vehicle. Make sure to have your title handy or at least know where it is when you call in your donation. Cars that are not being used make good donations, enabling many less fortunate people to have an affordable means of transportation.

You can get a car donation tax deduction up to the limits allowed by the IRS. Don’t let your unused vehicle go to waste just sitting around gathering rust. Repairable vehicles are accepted provided the vehicle is repairable for less than for what it could sell for.

Regardless of the laws, it’s a good idea to protect yourself by having the proper insurance coverage on your vehicle until it’s donated. And your vehicle must have all four of its tires inflated to be accepted. For states that require smog certificates or safety inspection certificates, you can certainly donate your vehicle without these documents.

The donor benefits from the vehicle donation by receiving a tax receipt for the highest possible value. When you donate a car, you know you’ll get it off your property within a couple of days or so, clearing out much needed garage, driveway or yard space. Oh and your vehicle must not have any major parts missing. If you think that donating an old car is a good way to ease your taxes then why not check into it today. And when you donate your car to a charity you’ll benefit in many ways.

Car Detailing Company

Mobile Car Detailing is the leading mobile car detailing professional in Charlotte, NC. We can come to you, or you can come to us. Our Charlotte car detailers knows the extreme sensitivity of your car’s appearance and we take pride in the realization of a car detailing services in Charlotte that cleans, corrects and protects your car to extraordinary levels inside and out.

Mobile Car Detailing Charlotte guarantee our work, can provide references and detail every car as if it were our own! We serve on a reasonable price. Please give us a chance to respond to the needs of your vehicle and provide the best value.

Mobile car detailing Charlotte NC Company is based on the belief that the needs of our customers are of utmost importance. Our charlotte auto detailing team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high ratio of our business is from repeat customers and recommendations. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your belief and provide you the best facility in the business.

Mobile Car Detailing

Vehicle wheels, wheel rims, trim and front cover are first pre-soaked, rinsed and passed to loosen and remove dirt, grime, grease and insect debris splatter. Then the piles of laundry soap suds bubbling cars with a special polymer is used to wash the vehicle with a lamb’s wool glove to leave a shimmering, dazzling brilliance.

All exterior rubber and vinyl adjustment are treated to a condition. The interior is aspirated; the dash and steering column are wet given special attention and dusted clean mirrors, windows, windows and tips. Interior fragrance is available on request.

Hand Car Wash

Mobile Car Detailing Charlotte to provide a car wash experience really enjoyable and satisfying hand to each of our clients. Our goal is to develop a relationship of trust with you, which is defined by honesty, integrity and fairness. With over 10 years of experience.

All vehicles are washed using only genuine wool gloves and hand dry cloth to prevent scratching hand. To protect your painting, use 110% carnauba wax for a shiny, glossy finish. Inside, air and preservation of high quality leather to protect and beautify your interior leather is used.

What People Say About Mobile Car Detailing Charlotte

“Wow MCDC! We had no idea you would be able to make a car that goes bush all the time look like something that just rolled off the production line! We’ve used several car detailers before but never a company like yours with such dedication and eye for detail. Thanks a million and expect to hear from us soon.” – Kyle R.

What is the Advantages of Auto Navigation Systems and GPS

Auto navigation systems and GPS devices are everywhere you turn in this day and age. You can find them in your car, boat, plane, even in your purse (if you have a PDA or cell phone with GPS capabilities combined with the right software and/or subscriptions). If that isn’t enough for you, you also have the option and capability of turning your laptop computer into a GPS device if that is your desire. The thing that most people forget to check out or ask about when looking at all the nifty features of unit A over unit B is how easy is the unit you are considering to use?

Handheld GPS and auto navigation systems offer sensible solutions to common travel related problems. They will not have all the answers all the time but are a great help most of the time. There are many styles and types of GPS and auto navigation systems that are available in today’s market. Some people may not fully understand all of the neat tricks you can do with your GPS system. Here are a few things you may not have realized you can do with your GPS device.

1) You can always find the spot where you parked your car by marking it. Talk about a treasure hunt where “X” marks the spot!
2) You can track your route while hiking, biking, or horseback riding so that you can retrace your steps in order to find your way back where you started.
3) Some GPS devices can even allow you to ‘go it alone’ by offering the option of a digital compass rather than telling you step by step where to go (if this interests you, check the package details to see if this is available on the unit you are considering).

Keep in mind however that GPS and auto navigation systems aren’t fail safe. There are a few problems that the brochures, boxes, and salesmen might neglect to mention.

1) You still need to carry around an Atlas or road maps for backups as there are occasions when the data for GPS units may not be current or accurate. Remember that roads are built, close, and in need of repair and maintenance all the time. It’s nearly impossible to have one that is always correct up the minute.

2) These devices do not typically work well inside buildings or under dense forest cover.

3) Batteries, batteries, batteries. These are worse than digital cameras when it comes to burning through batteries. This is one reason that people tend to leave them charging at all times if you’re leaving your car with your unit be sure you have extra batteries for backup as it is quite likely that you will need them at the worst possible moment.

4) GPS units do not recognize the existence of mountains, rivers, and other obstructions in your path so the directions and coordinates they give can occasionally be misleading.

There are many pros and cons when it comes to not only auto navigation devices but also for handheld GPS devices as well. Be sure that you try out the model you are considering before you buy it if at all possible. This will make your decision much easier and allow you to see whether or not you will be able to easily use and understand the auto navigation system you choose.