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Comprehensive Services for Boat Maintenance

Blue Ocean Vessel Maintenance is proud to offer the most comprehensive services for boat maintenance and repair in Townsville area. Our modern boat service centre feature state-of-the-art equipment, a large area devoted to hull repair and maintenance and experienced and certified technicians. Our boat service department in townsville makes it easier for you to get proper boat care at a time that works for you. You’ll also be glad to know that we stock a wide range of original boat parts, products and accessories services. Whatever your needs for servicing your boat in Townsville, we’ve got you covered. As aTownsville boat engine service, we specialize in the tuning, maintenance and repair of engines, and feature all the expertise, technology and parts needed for that and all other boat upkeep and repair needs.

When it comes to maintaining your vessel, our goal is to guarantee the safe, efficient and economical operation of your yacht in our care, as well as to reduce your yearly costs. After a full deep cleaning service the rejuvenated gel coat of your yacht’s fiberglass is sealed and protected to guard against further staining and to protect the fiberglass against ultraviolet light.

In addition to deep cleaning and treating gel coat, the boat cleaning products we use also clean stainless steel, seating and covers, windows and teak decks. We even clean your fenders; why have a beautifully clean yacht with dirty fenders over the side. Once polished with the protective coating, our experience shows that your boat should remain clean and shiny for at least a full season and often longer, particularly if regularly washed down with our own boat wash. In areas of little airborne and/or waterborne pollution it is anticipated the shine will last even longer. The longevity of the protective coat does, of course, depend upon the use to which your boat is put after cleaning.

Our boat cleaning and maintenance services and the products used to clean the hull and deck of a fiberglass boat or yacht are available only through our trained and licensed Service Agents. The Agent is trained to use our specially developed techniques to guarantee optimal results through the yacht detailing process. As a Townsville Gel coat repairs, Our system leaves boat detailing to science rather than elbow grease, safely and harmlessly neutralizing and lifting stains without causing damage to your yacht’s gel coat. Different types of staining require different boat detailing treatments which is why Blue Ocean Vessel Maintenance’s trained Service Agents apply them, ensuring optimum results and returning your boat’s hull and deck to a bright, shiny condition every time.