How to Preparing Your Rv for Long Term

Owning an RV is extremely fun since it will help you and your family affordably travel around the country. The only problem with owning an RV is that eventually you will need to store it for a long period of time. This is especially true if you are a working individual who can only travel for a couple of weeks during the year. In order to keep you RV in top condition it is important that you take all of the appropriate steps needed for storing an RV for a long period of time.


The first thing that must be done for long term storage of an RV is finding a good storage location. Tempting as it might be an RV should never be left out of doors for several months at a time. This is just asking for trouble in the form of rodents and weather damage. Instead invest in an RV storage facility that will provide at the least a roof and a sturdy door for your RV. There are some RV storage facilities that are similar to traditional storage units with the main difference being their size and overall function.


Once you have found a good storage site for your RV clean the storage space out. There is no need to risk your RV to the vermin that another renter might have left behind. Plus in some cases the RV storage area might have gone a long time without being used. This usually means that the area has been taken over by any wildlife or insects that are interested in having a warm, safe, location to rest in during the winter and cool comfortable place to relax in all summer. Taking the time to clean your RVs storage area will cut down on the problems you will have in the future.


The next thing that you should do is clean your RV. Do not just drive your dirty, dusty, RV into its storage area and leave it. Instead give the outside a good, thorough washing and waxing if you can. Cover the tires in grease that will help them avoid cracking and other damage. Then clean out the inside of the RV. Remove all food whether it is canned or not and vacuum the interior. Check the RV several times for forgotten food since this will attract vermin and insects who will try as long as they can to get into your RV and make it there new home.


Once you are done with the basic inner and outer cleaning of your RV it is time to get dirty. You must always remember to flush out your RV holding tank and give it a good cleaning. Most people hate this task but it must be done. If you do not flush out and clean your RV holding tank then you might notice extremely bad smells the next time you climb into your RV. Clean your RV using dish liquid that is designed to fight grease and grime. This will give you the best cleaning possible and leave your holding tank smelling fresh and clean.


If it is the winter time or winter is fast approaching there are a few more things that you will need to do to make sure your RV stays in tip top shape. The first thing you must do is completely drain your water heater. There is equipment available that will help flush the water out of your system and dry the lines. Once the water has been drained use a bypass system to add antifreeze to the lines to avoid freezing and damage during the winter. These bypass systems come with instructions that are usually easy to follow.


Last, but not least, you must remove the battery from your RV. Many RV owners are tempted to leave their batter in the RV all year long but this can lead to draining, corrosion, and even leakage of dangerous battery acid. Instead of leaving the battery in your RV when you are not using it remove it and bring it into your house. Do not store the battery in a bedroom; instead store it in a garage or outside work room that remains warm or comfortable throughout the year. To keep your battery from losing charge try to charge the batter for a few days or hours each month to keep it fully charged. When you are ready to use your RV again simply reinstall your battery and get ready to drive.